Other Ways to Give

Cash Gifts

Mail cash or check to:

Hope Center
PO Box 6
Lexington, KY 40588

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Donor Advised Fund or Family Foundation

When you establish a family foundation or donor advised fund, you receive the tax deduction in the year the gift is made to such funds, but gifts to specific charitable organizations occur as you decide.  This is an opportunity for individuals and families to make larger contributions all at once.

If you have questions about directing a gift to the Hope Center from a Family Foundation or Donor Advised Fund, please call our Development Office at 859-721-0144. 

If you have questions about setting up a Family Foundation or Donor Advised Fund, we recommend reaching out to the Blue Grass Community Foundation locally (https://www.bgcf.org/giving/start-a-fund/) or speaking to your financial advisor.

Stock Gifts

We are happy to accept gifts of stock at the Hope Center! As personal investment portfolios grow over time, you may find many stock positions with large unrealized gains. While having highly appreciated stock holdings is hardly a problem, the potential tax implications on the capital gains can be less savory.  Instead of selling, you may find gifting shares of these holdings most beneficial. Charitable organizations are exempt from the same tax consequences as individuals and can easily accept these stocks. Eliminating potential capital gains tax gives you, as a donor, more bang for your buck.

For stock transfer information, please reach out to our Director of Development, Katie Vogel, at kvogel@hopectr.org or 859-721-0144 ext. 224.

Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from IRA

Those aged 70.5 and older can make annual gifts of up to $100,000 directly from an IRA to a qualifying 501(c)(3) charity.  Gifts out of an IRA are tax free, and as an added bonus, individuals taking required minimum distributions (beginning at age 72) can apply these gifts towards the total Required Minimum Distribution for the year.  This option shifts income calculations and can reduce taxes in a significant way.

Following the passage of Secure Act 2.0, new legislation allows donors in 2023 to direct a one-time, $50,000 QCD to a charitable remainder trust or charitable gift annuity.  And ahead for 2024, the $100,000 limit will be indexed for inflation year to year thus increasing the allowable annual gift.

Legacy and Estate Gifts

Estate tax obligations and family burdens can be reduced significantly by building charitable directives into your estate plan.  For a charitably minded individual, having a well-organized estate plan is a big step in leaving a lasting legacy and testament to an accomplished lifetime. 

Review your will and beneficiary designations with your attorney to ensure appropriate arrangements are made for both your family and your favorite cause.  Explore options such as an outright bequest or life insurance policy to benefit the Hope Center. Also, consider the establishment of a charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust – these options can support everyone.

Have you included the Hope Center in your estate plans? Let us know! We’d love to show you the impact your legacy will have on our programs and services.

Vehicle Donations and Other Unique Assets

Depending on the vehicle or asset type, we may be able to accept your donation at the Hope Center. Please reach out to us with questions on gifting vehicles or other unique assets.

To discuss these options more in-depth, please reach out to our Director of Development, Katie Vogel, at kvogel@hopectr.org or 859-721-0144 ext. 224.